Nordic-Baltic Network for Operational Research

Coordinator: Professor Rolf Björheden, Skogforsk, Sweden,
Funding: 450 000 SEK/year for 5 years
Duration: 2016–2020

Policy brief

Currently, Rolf Björheden at Skogforsk is the CAR Coordinator and the Coordinating committee consists of Magnus Thor (Skogforsk), Jori Usitalo (Luke), Heikki Pajuoja (Metsäteho), Andis Lazdins (Silava), Vivian Kvist Johannsen (KU) and Bruce Talbot (NIBIO).

The Focus areas and the coordinators/contact persons are as follows:

Please feel free to contact us for information on developments and activities within the NB NORD work topics!

Forest Operations for the Future

Conference in Helsingør 22-24 September 2020: The latest innovations, development and knowledge of forest operations in the Nordic-Baltic area

“There is no cause to use only the darkest colours of the palette when sketching the future for forestry. The current visions for global development, e.g. as they are expressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals include moving towards a bioeconomy with cascading, circular material flows for production of sustainable goods and services.”

See the work report from the conference here!

Take part of the presentations from the conference:

NB-NORD 2020 Opening session
Rolf Björheden and Ingeborg Callesen Welcome to NB NORD 2020! 
Magnus Thor Forest operations for the future in Skogforsk’s R&I strategy 2021-2024
Rolf Björheden Carbon balance of Nordic-Baltic forestry
Gert Andersson Future research and innovation needs within forest operations the coming four years – Swedish perspective
Håkan Lideskog Opportunities for forestry automation using a custom off-road machine
Ingeborg CallesenWheel rutting: preliminary investigations of soil redox potential and automated monitoring of their presence using machine learning and high-resolution LiDAR data 
Mikael Lundbäck Economic potential of tele-extraction of roundwood in the Nordic CTL system
Transport, roads and logistics
Victoria ForsmarkOptimised positioning of landings and routing of terrain transportation
Perttu AnttilaThe effect of adhering snow on the load capacity of a timber truck
Franz Holzleitner Predicting forest road´s bearing capacity using smart sensing technology
Lone Ross Gobakken Seasonal variation in transport lead times and pulpwood freshness in a coastal geography
Kari Väätäinen Transport costing models – a common Nordic-Baltic framework  
Bruce TalbotContinuous surface assessments of wheel rutting compared to discrete point measurements – do the benefits justify the efforts?
Data and sensors
Weria KhaksarDirect Multi-Tree Stem Detection and Analysis from terrestrial LiDar Dat
Helmer BelboMethods for harvest site delineation based on machine positions in harvester stem reports
Morgan RossanderAutomatic detection of work elements and disadvantageous work practices in mechanized forestry
Janis Ivanovs Comparison of ALS models for the estimation of forest height and wood volume
Hans-Ulrich DietzMeasuring Log Piles at Roadside with Photo-optical Mono Camera Systems
Helmer BelboStanfordclassicr:  R-package parsing data hidden in StanForD classic forest machine reports to readable datasets
Impact and organisation
Leo Gallus Bont Mapping soil trafficability with statistical models and machine learning algorithms
Pirjo Venäläinen Emission Reduction Measures in Timber Transportation in Finland
Daniel Noreland Potential for improved energy efficiency and cost reduction through HCT vehicles for roundwood transportation in Sweden
Joachim Bernd Heppelmann Assessing the relationship between depth-to-water mapping and rut formation, following fully mechanized harvesting operations in Norway
Lotta WoxblomDeveloped collaboration in contractor forestry – an intervention in relational development
Heikki OvaskainenWhen does a logging or transportation company need a foreman?
Wood use
Maria Nordström New opportunities in the forest value chain based on digital declarations of wood and fibre properties
Christian Kanzian GreenLane IBM – integrating Insect, Blue stain and Moisture content prediction Models for value tracking in supply chain simulation
Paul McLean Where did the trees go?
Maria Iwarsson Wide Catalytic fractionation of biomass
Emil Engelund Thybring Wood modification – a modern solution to meet the challenges of using wood in the outdoor built environment
Oskar GustavssonControlling pulp wood properties through integrated planning of bucking and transportation
Antti Raatevaara Estimating a height of decay column in severely rotten stems of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) with log end face image features
Elof WinrothLoad- and tool-carrying drones in silviculture
Örjan Grönlund Forest operations in nature conservation management
Dagnija Lazdina Productivity of mechanized planting in spring, summer and fall in different forest sites
Franz Holzleitner Integrated in-stand debarking with harvester in cut-to-length operation
Janis Ivanovs Finding the best locations for furrows in soil berms of drainage ditches using LiDAR data
Karri Uotila Low cost prediction of time consumption for pre-commercial thinning
Timo SaksaHarvester data as aid in trees species selection in forest regeneration
Leena Hamberg Decay fungus Chondrostereum purpureum in preventing sprouting of deciduous trees in young conifer stands
FernandezLacruzBoom-corridor thinning trials with an upgraded version of Bracke C16 in biomass dense first thinnings in Sweden, Finland and Slovenia – preliminary results from the Smallwood project
Muedanyi Ramantswana A forecast of silviculture regeneration technologies of the future in semi-natural plantation forests


Purple and green banner for NB Nord 2020-conference. Illustration.

NB NORD 2020 – Forest Operations for the future – September 22 – 24 2020, Helsingør, Denmark

Venue: Konventum, Erling Jensens vej 1, 3000 Helsingør,


Forest Operations in Response to Environmental Challenges

Group of people sitting on a stone wall. Photo.

NB-Nord Conference, June 3-5, 2019 (Honne, Norway)

How may forestry meet environmental challenges?

Both questions and answers were output from the successful NB NORD Conference Forest Operations in Response to Environmental Challenges, held in Honne, Norway, June 3-5, 2019.

Over 50 experts from the Nordic-Baltic area gathered to present the latest results and projects on this hot topic.


Firefighter in smoke-filled forest. Photo.


Events in 2018:

Mechanized and improved silviculture workshop “Small machines for small trees”

November 14-15, 2018 Latvia, Riga & Salaspils& Incukalns
Download Conference program (Word)


NB Nord Workshop on Timber transport and forest roads: Cost modelling approaches and latest news from the front

Oslo 11-12 September 2018

Group of people in yellow vests and construction helmets. Photo.

The Roads & Transportation Focus Area of NB NORD focuses on research in logistics, transportation, infrastructure and on environmental impacts of transportation.

The Focus Area organized a workshop on Cost modelling approaches and latest news from the front in Oslo, Norway, on 11-12th September 2018. The Workshop was attended by 25 researchers and specialists from the Nordic-Baltic area. The workshop consisted of four sessions with themes including: 1) transport costing approaches, 2) development of system performance, 3) seasonality in transport and 4) forest and public road networks.

NB-NORD workshop on Big data from forest machines 19-20 June 2018



Workshop presentations


Information about former OSCAR projects

The achievements from OSCAR’s first five-year-period were presented in News & Views No. 6, 2010. Its networking activities will continue with a similar organisational structure, the main purpose being to maintain the technological leadership of the Nordic countries. Research on competitive and environmentally sound raw-material supply is of central importance to meet fierce competition from other regions. Preliminary project areas for this CAR are: energy efficiency in forest operations; reduced impact on soil and water; extracting forest bioenergy; training machine operators; mechanised and improved silvicultural operations; and forestry business engineering (to purchase and sell services in forestry). Find out more on the OSCAR2 website.


Final report

Annual report 2019 (PDF)

Annual report 2018 (PDF)

Annual report 2017 (PDF)

Annual report 2016 (PDF)

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