Final Conference – don’t miss out! Forest Operations for the Future

Present and inform yourself on the latest innovations, development and knowledge of forest operations in the Nordic-Baltic area!
The Coordinating Committee of NB NORD is following the development concerning the Corona virus outbreak and will decide on August 17th 2020 if the Conference will be replaced by a digital event. All registered participants will receive a notice of the decision by August 20th.

September 22. – 24. 2020Register here

Venue: Konventum, Erling Jensens vej 1, 3000 Helsingør,

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Nordic-Baltic Network for Operational Research

Coordinator: Professor Rolf Björheden, Skogforsk, Sweden,
Funding: 450 000 SEK/year for 5 years
Duration: 2016–2020

Currently, Rolf Björheden at Skogforsk is the CAR Coordinator and the Coordinating committee consists of Magnus Thor (Skogforsk), Jori Usitalo (Luke), Heikki Pajuoja (Metsäteho), Andis Lazdins (Silava), Vivian Kvist Johannsen (KU) and Bruce Talbot (NIBIO).

The Focus areas and the coordinators/contact persons are as follows:
Reduced impact logging, Isabelle Bergkvist,
Value recovery & Big data, Maria Nordström,
Mechanized and improved silviculture, Dagnija Lazdina,
Contractor forestry, Eva Skagestad,
Transport technology and low volume roads, Pirjo Venäläinen,
New and emerging forest products, Maria Iwarsson Wide,
Please feel free to contact us for information on developments and activities within the NB NORD work topics!

Forest Operations in Response to Environmental Challenges

NB-Nord Conference, June 3-5, 2019 (Honne, Norway)

How may forestry meet environmental challenges?

Both questions and answers were output from the successful NB NORD Conference Forest Operations in Response to Environmental Challenges, held in Honne, Norway, June 3-5, 2019.

Over 50 experts from the Nordic-Baltic area gathered to present the latest results and projects on this hot topic.
Find your contacts and abstracts in the conference proceedings!
Pdf’s of the presentations from the Conference is available at NBNORD_presentations


Events in 2018:

Mechanized and improved silviculture workshop “Small machines for small trees”
November 14-15, 2018 Latvia, Riga & Salaspils& Incukalns

NB Nord Workshop on Timber transport and forest roads: Cost modelling approaches and latest news from the front
Oslo 11-12 September 2018

The Roads & Transportation Focus Area of NB NORD focuses on research in logistics, transportation, infrastructure and on environmental impacts of transportation.

The Focus Area organized a workshop on Cost modelling approaches and latest news from the front in Oslo, Norway, on 11-12th September 2018. The Workshop was attended by 25 researchers and specialists from the Nordic-Baltic area. The workshop consisted of four sessions with themes including: 1) transport costing approaches, 2) development of system performance, 3) seasonality in transport and 4) forest and public road networks. The list of presentations/scientific programme for the workshop is available here.

The abstracts of the workshop presentations can be found in the proceedings.
All presentations from the Workshop are publicly available here.

NB-NORD workshop on Big data from forest machines 19-20 June 2018
Programme and practicalities
The abstracts can be found here

IT barometer, Tieto, Magnus Hell
Big data in animal production and breeding, Karoline B Wethal
National perspectives on big data from forest machines Even Bergseng
Ingeborg Callesen/Bo Brockman
Janis Gercans
Leo Bont
Rolf Björheden
Tapio Ränsänen

Workshop presentations
Automated stand delineation and striproads (Timo Melkas and Kirsi Riekki)
Big Databases in forest planning and operations_(Erik Willen)
Feedback to operators based on harvester data (Maria Nordström)
Forwarding speed (Simon Berg)
GPS precision estimation (Bruce Talbot)
Harvester data as a base for management and feedback (Johan J Möller)
Harvester data for efficiency and economy (Even Bergseng)
Improving forest-to-industry integration (Lars Wilhelmsson)
Mathematical optimization and big data (Leo Bont)
Potential of harvester data (Tapio RÑsÑnen)
SB LOGG (Isak Hasselvold)
Single-tree positioning using harvester (Terje Gobakken)
StanForD2010 (John Arlinger)
Using external datasets for SAE NB-Nord (Liviu Ene)

Information about former OSCAR projects:
The achievements from OSCAR’s first five-year-period were presented in News & Views No. 6, 2010. Its networking activities will continue with a similar organisational structure, the main purpose being to maintain the technological leadership of the Nordic countries. Research on competitive and environmentally sound raw-material supply is of central importance to meet fierce competition from other regions. Preliminary project areas for this CAR are: energy efficiency in forest operations; reduced impact on soil and water; extracting forest bioenergy; training machine operators; mechanised and improved silvicultural operations; and forestry business engineering (to purchase and sell services in forestry). Find out more on the OSCAR2 website.


Annual report 2019

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2017

Annual report 2016

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