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Participants in projects should include at least three researchers at research institutions in the Nordic region, and successful applicants may receive funds from SNS of approximately 100-350 000 SEK/year for three years, covering at most a third of the total budget for the project.

SNS strives to enhance benefits for the Nordic region and contribute to development of a sustainable society. For 2019-2021, SNS wished to support research projects exploring ways to manage forests without destroying nature and extract resources sustainably from them without compromising other values such as biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The next call will be announced in 2021.

Relevant documents:
Call text for SNS Research projects
Application form
SNS Strategy Plan
Reporting forms


Research projects 2019-2021:
• SNS-123 Preventing the spread of new pathogens in Nordic forests to secure sustainable forestry in growing bioeconomy

• SNS-124 Biogeographic analysis of historical forest insect invasions and host associations

• SNS-125 Where is the water in acetylated wood? Studies of amount, location and state of water in acetylated wood for development of more durable wood products

• SNS-126 Conservation of resistant ash genotypes to maintain full range of ecosystem services

• SNS-127 Liberation and solution properties of wood hemicelluloses towards surface active molecules (HEMISURF)

Previous research projects


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