Statistics: forests and forestry in the Nordic region

Policymakers and industry executives need access to timely, accurate and uniform forest resource and industry statistics in order to make educated decisions for their stakeholders. Despite this need, for many years, the Nordic countries did not have consistent and comprehensive reporting on the state of the forestry sector in the region.

In light of this, in late 2020, the SNS initiated a pilot project to report the latest information about forest resources, industrial production, forest products trade, wood raw-material prices, and the progress in the environment and climate matters.  

The 34-page SNS report “Nordic Forest Statistics 2020 – Resources, Industry, Trade, Conservation, and Climate” was released in early 2021 authored by Mats Hannerz from SilvInformation and Håkan Ekström of Wood Resources International.

In May 2023 the report was extended and updated. Download the Nordic Forest Statistics report 2023:


Download the report Nordic Forest Statistics 2023





Download the report 2020