Advancing Silviculture Technology

Coordinator: Dan Bergström, , SLU

Interview with network coordinator:


The primary objective is to organize a conference to 1) provide an overview of ongoing R&D in the NB region and 2) develop an overview of urgent and strategic R&D needs, to secure and engineer sustainable ecosystems services for current and future forests.

We also include industry, NGO’s, practitioners, authorities and researchers (including students) in order to support discussions of long-term development and inter-triad-transfer of knowledge.

The second objective is to create an inter-disciplinary-national-sector-connected platform in Nordic-Baltics for systematic and continual R&D.

The third objective is to initiate future networking activities and new joint R&D project proposals. 

The goal for the period of the application (2023-2024) is to attract and connect various competences in the NB-region in order to promote boosted RDI activities in the transition to forest based bioeconomy. We believe this network will promote performance of urgent inter-regional/institutional/competence R&D- and networking projects and also act as an important network portal for young researchers.

The project will be executed in five tasks. The partner institutes will, during the project period, have one physical meeting and three digital meetings. The running time of the project is January 2023 to June 2024, e.g. 16 months.

The main task is the execution of the 3-day conference “Advancing Silvicultural Technology” 22-24 August at SLU campus Umeå, Sweden. More info on the conference

Conference program

Project partner organizations are: SLU, Sweden; LUKE, Finland; SILAVA, Latvia; NIBIO, Norway; Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia; InNovaSilva ApS, Denmark.

Project coordinator: Dan Bergström, Associate Professor, Division of Forest Operations, Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology, Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (SLU), Umeå, Sweden. , +46907868214, +46730498014

The project budget are of 1MSEK of which SNS funds 50%.