This is what we do

Close up on small pine plants. Photo.

Nordic Forest Research (SNS)​ is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and strives to enhance benefits for the Nordic region and to contribute to a sustainable society. We provide funding to interlink forest research and facilitate exchange of brilliant ideas within sustainable forest management in the Nordic region. 

Nordic forests span large geographical ranges, with correspondingly large ranges in environmental conditions. Thus, the composition of the forests and forestry practices also vary, but there are long traditions of mutual respect, collaborative research and commitment to sharing knowledge among Nordic foresters and forest researchers. Key components of SNS’ mission are to encourage, coordinate and enhance Nordic research efforts, raise the international profile of Nordic forest research, and actively participate in European forest policy and research.

For the period 2022-2025 emphasis is placed on the following strategic areas:

  • Forest resources as a base for value creation and rural development
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Safeguarding of forest biodiversity

For more information, read our strategy plan 2022-2025 (PDF)


SNS funding

In short, SNS funded networks are beneficial in a Nordic context and include researchers from at least three Nordic countries. Networks have an even gender distribution, works actively for an inclusive environment and are co-financed. We fund the following:

Annual Networks

The aim is to promote Nordic synergies within forest research and to establish closer collaboration between forest research communities in the Nordic countries. The network should involve participants from at least five countries. The expected outputs can include for example; arranging workshops, scientific meetings or open conferences. Networks could also design policy recommendations based on research findings, write large-scale research funding applications, produce peer-reviewed scientific papers, and create or maintain databases or websites. 

NordGen Forest-SNS Scholarship

The scholarships should contribute to common Nordic benefit by supporting education, continuing education and knowledge exchange for persons working or studying within forest seed or plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding in the Nordic countries. Each applicant can be granted a maximum of 20 000 NOK. 
NordGen Forest administrate the scholarships, for more information please visit NordGen Forest website 

NKJ-SNS networks

The networks run for two years. The aim is to promote cross-sectorial networking between researchers and stakeholders in areas related to agriculture and forestry in the Nordic countries. The networks meet to tackle joint challenges, knowledge gaps and opportunities emerging from a transition towards a sustainable bioeconomy. 

Research projects

Research networks are funded for three years of research activities and adress specific focus areas of the SNS Strategy plan. 


NordForNets are funded for five year periods. The aim of NordForNets is to use of the collective Nordic research and development (R&D) resources efficiently, thereby increasing the return on R&D investments. Hence, NordForNets are expected to achieve synergies and avoid duplication in R&D work in the Nordic countries.

PhD courses

we offer the opportunity for an organizer of a PhD course for young researchers to apply for funding to make it possible for people from the different Nordic countries to participate. There must be a Nordic component in the application. 


Current open calls