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Research projects 2019-2021

  • SNS-123 Preventing the spread of new pathogens in Nordic forests to secure sustainable forestry in growing bioeconomy
  • SNS-124 Biogeographic analysis of historical forest insect invasions and host associations
  • SNS-125 Where is the water in acetylated wood? Studies of amount, location and state of water in acetylated wood for development of more durable wood products
  • SNS-126 Conservation of resistant ash genotypes to maintain full range of ecosystem services
  • SNS-127 Liberation and solution properties of wood hemicelluloses towards surface active molecules (HEMISURF)

SNS/Efinord 2021


SNS CARs 2016-2020


SNS/Efinord 2020


SNS/Efinord 2019

  • Integrating knowledge on nutrient cycling and organismal responses for sustainable use of wood ash in Nordic forests (NORDASH)
  • Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering
  • Nordic network of forest regeneration
  • Nordic growth and yield researchers’ network
  • Promoting sustainable forestry in a growing bioeconomy for Europe (PROFOR)


NKJ-SNS Networks 2018-2019


Wood Science and Engineering Networks 2018


EFINORD-SNS Networks 2018


NKJ-SNS Networks 2016-2017


EFINORD-SNS Networks 2017


Research projects



SNS CARs 2011-2015


SNS Research Projects










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