From 2017 NordGen Forest and Nordic Forest Research (SNS) cooperate on a joint scholarship. The scholarships should contribute to common Nordic benefit by supporting education, continuing education and knowledge exchange for persons working or studying within forest seed or plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding in the Nordic countries.

For what?

Primarily, the grant should be used to cover traveling costs in connection with education or knowledge exchange within the fields mentioned above. You can also apply for a scholarship to cover running expenses for bachelor or master theses, for instance for equipment, laboratory expenses or printing of reports.

If applications are to be ranked,  employees within forest seed and plant production and breeding will generally be given preference over students.

The activity in question MUST be relevant in a Nordic setting, and contribute to a common Nordic benefit within the fields mentioned above. The main part of the activity must take place after the application deadline. The scholarship may cover costs to take part in the NordGen Forest thematic days or conferences.

We emphasize the importance of gender balance and we will take that into account when we make our decisions.

How much?
Maximum amount is 20 000 NOK. The activity must be finished within one year from the granting of the scholarship.


The application should primarily be written in English, but may be written in a Nordic language if needed. A summary and budget should however always be in English. Please contact the NordGen Forest secretariat if you have any questions regarding the application.


The applications are evaluated by the NordGen Forest Regeneration Council and the secretariats of NordGen Forest and SNS.

A short report is to be sent to the NordGen Forest secretariat no later than 1 month after the trip or project is finished. The report should include an evaluation of whether the objectives were reached, the scientific and/or practical value of the trip or project, and a description of possible results if the scholarship is used for research or development. A summary of the accounts should also be attached.

The reports from the work and results which are of common interest will be published on NordGen’s and SNS’s web sites. A short summary of the activity in English, for wider distribution, should therefor also be included.


A selection of previous beneficiaries:

Johanna Carlsson went to a German biotechnology company – previous beneficiary

Sigridur mapped Icelandic forests – previous beneficiary

The jay is an expert at planting oak – previous beneficiary


Reports 2018:

Grace Jones, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden: Plant Quantitative Genetics

Diana Marciulniene: Study trip to Sweden for selection and identification of superior ash seed resources

Louise Hjelmroth, Aarhus University, Denmark: “Close to nature forest management” and “Continuous cover forest management”


Reports 2017:

Mateusz Liziniewicz, SkogForsk, Sweden: Participation in a network meeting on tree breeding

Johan Malm, SkogForsk, Sweden: Participation in the Field genetics network (FGN) 2017

Johanna Carlsson/SLU, Sweden: Study trip to the company Piccoplant in Germany

Lars Drössler/SLU, Sweden: Grant for organizing the workshop “Oak trees in conifer-dominated forest”

Seppo Ruotsalainen/LUKE, Finland: Travel grant for participation to the IUFRO seed orchard conference in Bålsta, Sweden


Read previous reports at the NordGen website


Previous call texts:

Call text 2019

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