Resilience in the food, forest and fishery sectors

How to prepare agricultural, forestry and fishing industries to cope with a future crisis? The Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned NKJ, SNS and Nordic Sustainability to investigate how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the Nordic green and blue sectors, and to draw conclusions from this to ensure efficient management of future crises.


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Nordic societies at all levels and in all areas. The agricultural and forestry sectors and the fishing industry are not excluded.

The resilience project aims to make the agricultural and forestry sectors and the fishing industry’s value chains resilient to future crises by benefiting from the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. With COVID-19 and future crises on the horizon, resilience is no longer about stability, but adaptation and transformation.

First hand insights will be gained from various actors across Nordic countries, and will serve to provide the foundation for future work on value chain resiliency and the potential for Nordic utility.

The project will answer three main questions:

• How has COVID 19 affected the resilience of value chains in the blue, food, and forestry sectors?

• How can resilience be improved via policy in the future?

• What is the Nordic utility that can be identified when addressing this



In connection with the extensive drought in 2018, the resilience of the food chains was discussed. This prompted NKJ to raise the issue in connection with the vision work within the Nordic Council of Ministers. This in turn eventually led to an order that was limited to precisely the consequences of Covid on the resilience of the food system.


NKJ and SNS can, based on their wide networks and knowledge, contribute to sharing sector knowledge and point to relevant experts and organizations to engage.

The tools that will be used are roundtable discussions, interviews with expert experts and a literature study in the field. We will also build a network and connect actors across the national borders and across sectors. NKJ and SNS have a long experience of management, facilitation and networking; knowledge we will make good use of in the project at hand.

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