Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering

Coordinator: Lone Ross, lone.ross@nibio.no, NIBIO

Final report 2021

Final report 2020


The aim of the network is to contribute to the optimization of the resources spent individually and by society on research projects within wood science and engineering in “The Forest Bioeconomy Network” area. The goal is to coordinate Northern European research in this field by maintaining a network between senior researchers, PhD students and industrial representatives.

The network targets wood and wood based products and their production and use in constructions.
Timber is one of very few structural materials that are derived from atmospheric carbon dioxide. It can be used to replace other construction materials that have much higher associated embodied energies, providing additional benefit.

The use of timber provides additional benefits by supporting the economic health of the forestry sector, such as rural employment, providing incentives for replanting and for forest management for a variety of other benefits. The forestry industry uses certification and chain of custody schemes, linked to forest management plans to ensure that the timber is produced and harvested in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.


Erik Larnøy about Nordic cooperation:

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