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Our annual networks:
Green fern close up. Photo.

Nordic Forest Research (SNS) and the Forest Bioeconomy Network call for networks March 1st – June 1st each year. The aim of the call is to promote collaboration and strengthen forest research related to bioeconomy in the Nordic region by networking activities. 

Projects are expected to relate to the following prioritised focus areas of the SNS strategy plan (PDF):

Sustainable forest management in a growing bioeconomy, maintenance and utilisation of ecosystem services or climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

The aim is to strengthen forest research in the Nordic region, bridge gaps between research and practice and to promote cross sectoral collaboration of sectors within a sustainable bioeconomy.

Network outputs should be useful for the Nordic community and should include knowledge exchange across national borders through e.g. arranging workshops, seminars, scientific meetings or open conferences. Networks could also write large-scale research funding applications, design policy recommendations based on research findings, produce peer-reviewed scientific papers, and create or maintain databases or websites.

Successful applicants may receive funds of approximately 100 000-200 000 SEK for activities over the course of one year, covering at most 50% of the total budget for the network. Each gender must be represented by a minimum of 40% of the participants in the network and PhD students and early career researchers should be included in the network.

Participants in submitted networks should represent at least five countries consisting of three research institutions in the Nordic* region AND two research institutions in additional countries of relevance for the activities of the network.


* Nordic is defined as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the autonomous areas of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland Islands.


Here are our annual networks with activities in 2020:


Previous annual networks


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