Improving the Effectiveness of Forest Research Results


Coordinator: Liisa Käär, Tapio (liisa.kaar@tapio.fi)

Financing: 195 000 SEK

Aims: Speeding up the process of turning research results into effective practical forestry applications and support for policy making in the participating countries by:

  • Creating a Northern European network for exchanging experiences and developing instruments for bringing research results to practical forestry and policy support.
  • Organizing an international workshop to carry out benchmarking
  • Applying for further funding to extend the scope of the work


SNS-EFINORD Network meeting and international workshop

Ladybug on stick. Photo.“Tools for improving science-policy interaction in forestry”
Biri, Norway, May 15-16, 2018


Greeting from Liisa Käär, coordinator, from the Norway meeting: “We had a very good meeting with a nice mix of familiar faces from last year’s workshop as well as new colleagues. We are now busy processing the application regarding funding for this network’s next year’s activities based on good ideas and discussions that took place in the Norway meeting. I am happy to see how people truly appreciate this type of international cooperation!”


Presentations from the Norway workshop


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