Common Nordic-Baltic tool for transports in forestry

A common Nordic-Baltic costing framework for road, rail and sea transport of roundwood is now available, thanks to our SNS CAR NB Nord.


Roads and transportation costs constitute important and growing subtotals adding to the cost of for forest products. Consequently, optimizing transport costs is a key factor for competitiveness.
A lack of common standards and tools for evaluation across national borders represent obstacles to development. Research and development to mitigate the corresponding cost growth requires good cost modelling to estimate the effects of new development opportunities. With this framework for transport costing models, NB Nord hopes to remedy the obstacle for transport research in the Nordic-Baltic region.

In the NB NORD handbook you find explanations of the formulas used, tutorial examples, and the handbook is coupled to free Excel spreadsheets for cost calculations. The respective models that NB Nord offers, can be used to predict the cost of a single delivery, as well as the progression of costs with increasing distances to yield cost functions. In both cases, the effects of key factors such as payloads, transport distances, cycle times or fuel prices can be used to project future cost development scenarios.

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Excell based costing models for transports of roundwood (road, rail, short-sea)_1701 2021

Download the transport costing spreadsheets

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