OPEN CALL for annual networks in forestry and/or gender equality

The call is open – SNS will fund networking activities in Nordic forestry for one year. If you have a special focus on gender equality in your network, that is a plus.

Focus 1: gender equality
Focus 2: focus areas of the SNS strategy plan


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Are you in forestry and/or are thinking about the status of gender equality in the green sector? You are welcome to apply for funding for networking activities! Submit your application latest June 1.

Focus 1: gender equality

Through the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic countries have collaborated to improve gender equality for over 40 years. Despite this, many challenges remain across sectors in the Nordic society. For a sustainable future with opportunities for all, these issues need to be addressed.

We therefore encourage research networks with a main focus on gender issues to apply for our funding.

The SNS strategy plan focuses on equality and social inclusion, with the aim to promote diversity and to improve the Nordic forest sector.

During 2020, SNS investigated the gender balance in different parts of the Nordic forest sector and published a report highlighting directions for future research. In 2021, a follow up report investigated how gender inequalities in the Nordic bioeconomy is affected by digitalisation. SNS and ForBioeconomy Network want to impact the Nordic forest sector by funding networks that address inequality and promote social inclusion with the aim of creating a modern and diverse forest sector.

Focus 2: focus areas of the SNS strategy plan:

• Maintenance and increased utilization of forest-based ecosystem services
• Climate change mitigation and adaptation
• Meeting the demands of sustainable forest management in a growing bioeconomy

For inspiration on examples of network topics click here.

Stronger together – forest research in the Nordic region

We want to promote collaboration and strengthen forest research related to bioeconomy in the Nordic region by networking activities. The outcomes of your network should be useful for the Nordic community and should include knowledge exchange across national borders. Read the full call text for more information.


Participants in submitted networks should represent at least five countries consisting of at least three research institutions in the Nordic region. Participants of relevance for the activities of the network from outside of the Nordic region can also be included.


Find the application form here!
Submit your proposal latest June 1st to

Include in your application:
• Aims of the network and strategic area in focus.
• Planned activities and outcomes.
• How the network will be beneficial for the Nordic region.
• Involved participants including research organisations and stakeholders, if applicable.
• A plan for integrating PhD students and young researchers into the network.
• A plan to address gender equity.

For all the details: Full call text

Call text (PDF)

Call text (Word)

Guidelines for acquiring gender balance Coming soon



For questions regarding your application, please email SNS ( or the Forest Bioeconomy Network (


About the funders

Nordic Forest Research (SNS) is a co-operative body under the Nordic Council of Ministers that strives to enhance benefits for the Nordic region and contribute to the development of a sustainable society. The following focus areas are especially important for the activities of SNS:
• Climate change mitigation and adaptation
• Meeting the demands of sustainable forest management in a growing bioeconomy
• Maintenance and increased utilization of forest-based ecosystem services

The SNS strategy plan for 2018–2021 can be found here.


Forest Bioeconomy Network (former EFINORD) is a research network affiliated to EFI (European Forest Institute). It promotes and facilitates research collaboration, develops and connects knowledge as well as encouraging policy interaction. The Forest Bioeconomy Network focuses on economics, governance and policy as well as issues related to sustainable production and utilization of forests. The thematic areas are:
• Sustainable and efficient production and use of biomass
• Securing sustainable provision of forest ecosystem services
• Demand and supply of forest-based products

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