BOARD MEETING: SNS will make a new call

On the summer meeting the SNS board agreed on launching a new call to make it possible for more researchers to meet and share experiences.


Gravel path in a wooden alley, house at the end of path. Photo.Photo: Mimmi Blomqvist

The meeting was held in Staur gård in beautiful Stange in Norway.

The main discussion was about the future location of the secretariat. A minor change in the statutes would make it possible to locate it permanently in one country or to locate it in another country than the host country. Today the secretariat moves with the host country, which means it moves every fourth year.

The meeting identified both advantages and disadvantages with a permanent location of the secretariat. The discussion ended in a decision to propose a change of the statues to have the possibility to move the secretariat and to continue circulation of the secretariat but not necessarily at the same time as the chairmanship. Decision about the location after 2017 will be made at next board meeting in October 31.

Another discussion concerned how to make a new call for the benefit of nordic forest researchers. The board agreed to go ahead with it and there will be more information about the new call shortly on the SNS website.

January 1st the chairmanship goes to Norway for four years, and in 2022 Island gets the chairmanship.

See the annual report for 2016 (SWE) – Årsrapport för SamNordisk Skogsforskning (PDF)

More about the meeting and photos at – Webpage “Board meeting in pictures”

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