Board meeting in pictures

SNS board gathered at Staur gård in Norway for summer meeting June 15. The NKJ board held there meeting June 13 and June 14 the boards had excursions together.

After the NKJ meeting all the participants had dinner together.

June 14 all SNS and NKJ participants had a chance to go for an excursion. First stop was Romedal and lecture about the norwegian “almenninger”, commonly managed forests.

SEE THE DEMONSTRATION for SNS board of a huge Ponsse harvester here!


Lunch was serv ed at Geno seminstasjon at Store Ree. Representants from Norsvin and Geno talked about breeding.


Last stop for the day was Graminor, where the developement of crops for agriculture in Norway takes place.

June 15 was the day for the SNS board meeting.

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