SNS collaboration: Forest seminar in Ålesund minister meeting

The Nordic Council of Ministers met in Ålesund, Norway, the 26-29 juni. Back to back SNS is one of the organizers of a forest seminar with prominent guests and enlightening moments for the participants.

The first activity gave a concrete view of how climate is impacted by human activities. All participants of the seminar gathered in groups depending on if they flew to the seminar, went by car or train. Some calculations showed that for the seminar to be climate balanced, one forest owner need to fertilize one hectare of her forest one time. That would give a growth of about 12 cubic meter.


Tomas Lundmark, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, showed very clearly both that the positive impact on the climate increases with increased use of the forest, AND that the question about forest management and climate is a really tricky one. 


After each lecture, the youth panel (photo above) discussed the issue and gave their creative, knowledgeable, engaged and important thoughts about it. That also opened for the audience to discuss further and ask questions. The youth panel consisted of Vilde Gjerde Lied from Natur og ungdom, Tora Voll Dombu from Norges Bygdeungdomslag and Eivind Handegard, student in skogfag, Norwegian university for environmental- and bioscience.


Ivar Gjerde. Portrait.After lunch, Ivar Gjerde, NIBIO Norsk Institutt for bioekonomi, complicated the redlisting of species and raised the question if biodiversity, climate care and forestry are in conflict. 


Maria Ojala, University of Örebro, Sweden, gave a completely different view of forestry: how do youths think about environmental issues and do the green sector need to care about it?

The last speaker for the day was Sverker Johansson, Bitzer Production, who completely executed the way in which Swedish forestry communicate their sector and its contributions to stop the climate change. He sees a huge potential for improvements!
The Norwegian minister of agriculture, Jon Georg Dale, visited the seminar with a short speech.
For the seminar there was a folder made with facts about climate change and the nordic forests. It is available through SNS secretariat or Mats Hannerz (
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