SNS supports digital transformation of bioeconomy

Nordic Testbed Network got a real push forward when 40 participants met to set the course for the digital transformation in the Nordic bioeconomy. 


For SNS, cooperation is the key. Therefore we want to gather Nordic testbeds to establish a network that can lead the way towards a sustainable society in a digital future. To facilitate the development of new and existing testbeds, the Nordic Testbed Network aims to unite and strengthen testbeds aimed at supporting the digital transformation of the bioeconomy.

November 12th our participants met to set the vision and structure of the network. Information about Nordic Testbed workshop (PDF) 

Inspiration talks

Frida Magnusdotter Ivarsson kick-started the workshop with an energizing talk on the subject “Organizing for digital innovation”, followed by a very interesting talk by Monika Svanberg on “Mobilizing testbeds”. The different testbeds represented at the workshop were also presented with some insights on how their platforms works to develop new digital technology and expertise.

But this wasn’t a day for just listening. In workshops, the participants also did a great job to set the vision and structure of the Nordic Testbed Network. The economy of the network was also discussed; how do we use the resources at hand in the most efficient and effective way?

Next step

After the workshop, we have an even better basis for the Nordic Testbed Network! We will now gather all good ideas harvested during the workshop and our coordinator, Maria Tunberg, will use it as a starting point for further development of the network.

There are already testbeds connected to the network and more will join. Spread the word and use the hashtag #nordictestbednetwork to reach out to interested actors in the digital transformation bioeconomy.​

More about Nordic Testbed Network


The following testbeds and innovation platforms participated in the workshop and presented their activities:

  • Digitaliserat jordbruk – Jonas Engström
  • Smart Farming Centre – Claus Aage Grøn Sørensen
  • Auto 2 – Olle Gelin
  • Ouluzone+ – Rauno Heikkilä                                                                      
  • Mistra Digital Forest – Sverker Danielsson
  • FITPIG – pigs on internet – Anders Herlin
  • Odlande stadsbasarer/Alovivum – Henrik Hedlund


In addition, the network is in dialogue with the following testbeds:

  • Swedish Drone Centre
  • Agro- og Planteknologi
  • Senter for presisjons-jordbruk


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