Nordic cooperation will cope with climate change adaptation

The Nordics need to build a powerful front to meet climate change. Primary production in agriculture and forestry are facing new situations that we most effectively meet together.


The nordic working group for forestry is now creating that front. March 1st the group had their third meeting, and this time accompanied by Nordic and European experts in forestry and firefighting. The purpose of the meeting was to learn from each other, broaden the perspectives and develop methods and processes during extreme weather events. We will see more of those as the climate is changing. We experienced it already last summer when drought and heat put severe pressure on agriculture and forestry in the Nordic countries.

Now it’s urgent not just to stop climate change, but to make sure we can handle the new situations that the primary production unquestionably will face.

Small and bigger issues

Small and big, practical and theoretical – everything has to be coordinated and examined to make it possible to meet the new difficulties and obstacles. To mention one special issue: the fire force needs to have adapters for their fire-hoses and that can be a serious matter in an acute situation. That is one of the eruditions from the summer 2018. But the management of the forests and ways in diminishing the risk for fires in specific areas is crucial for handling future weather.

To draw boundaries

Some issues applies to more than one actor. It’s important to clearify who is in charge of what: is it the emergency services? Forestry? Meteorologists? To be able to act fast and to do it right the boundaries have to be drawn and the responsibility to be cleared out before we find ourselves in a dramatic weather event as flood or drought.

There will be a need for research efforts to get there. Also information to the public will be necessary, as will some training in different scenarios.

During April the report on Nordic cooperation in extreme weather events will be completed. That will form the ground for future work with preparing the Nordics as a unified front to meet the future climate.




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