OPEN CALL for annual networks: March 1st–June 1st

Do you have a lot to share in you field? Or did you just find out about other researchers and projects you want to know more about? Invite them to your network and apply for our funding!

Trees seen from below. Photo.

To be funded, the networks should cover topics within sustainable forest management in a growing bioeconomy, maintenance and utilisation of ecosystem services or climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In this call we particularly encourage strategic networks that explore novel ways to either lower the risk, or tackle the impacts of extreme weather events such as flooding, landslides and wildfires. A key aim encouraged in this call is to find ways that allows the Nordic countries to create platforms for adapting, handling and mitigating future unprecedented events in a biobased society.

Network outputs should be useful for the Nordic community and should include knowledge exchange across national borders through e.g. arranging workshops, seminars, scientific meetings or open conferences. Networks could also produce peer-reviewed scientific papers, design policy recommendations based on research findings, write large-scale research funding applications, and create or maintain databases or websites.

The network must have an even gender distribution (each gender must be represented by a minimum of 40% of the participants in the network) and shall include and involve PhD students/young researchers.

A network is funded over the course of one year and the applied amount per network should be approximately 100 000-200 000 SEK. Networks are expected to co-finance at least 50% of the total budget.

Please submit your application by 1st of June, 2019, at the latest

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