Nordic forests can be prepared for a different future

Our long time network HealGenCAR is working on solutions for preparing the Nordic forests for a changed climate. Several aspects are taken into account.


Forest ecosystems worldwide are challenged by climate changes and increased international plant trade. In the Northern European countries, the annual temperatures and rainfall are predicted to increase but also longer periods of drought during the summertime are foreseen.

The altered climatic conditions will favor many pests and pathogens already recognized in the region and increase the possibility that organ-isms dispersing from the south may be able to establish themselves in the now suitable habitats in the North.

Increased global plant trade will further raise the risk that novel pests and pathogen unintendedly will become introduced to the region posing additional pressure on the local plant community. An alarming example is the invasion of the Asian Longhorn Beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer, in North America and in Russia causing severe tree mortality and with great economic losses to follow.

To meet the future challenges of our Nordic forests there is a need for interdisciplinary collaborations across the Nordic regions in order to identify and establish durable solutions.

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Article – HelGenCAR: How can we prepare Nordic forests for the future? (PDF)

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