Pests, pathogens and wood properties in focus for five new cooperative ventures

Five new research projects have been initiated with financing from SNS. They all tackle the challenges of an uncertain future.

Text: Mats Hannerz


Three projects will enhance the prospect of the forest withstanding pests and pathogens, with solutions such as early warning systems, decision support for species choice and genetic selection for tolerant trees.

Two projects will improve the utilisation of wood, both for construction timber and for new products in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

All projects start in 2019 and continue for three years.

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SNS-123 Preventing the spread of new pathogens 

SNS-124 Biogeographic analysis of historical forest insect invasions and host associations

SNS-125 Acetylated wood

SNS-126 Conservation of resistant ash genotypes

SNS-127 Wood hemicelluloses

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