SNS-Nordgen Forest scholarships: The full list

Here is the full list of the funded activities this year! SNS and NordGen Forest have decided who will get the scholarships this year.


Every year SNS and NordGen Forest scholarships funds activities that contribute to common Nordic benefit by supporting education, continuing education and knowledge exchange for persons working or studying within forest seed or plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding in the Nordic countries.

Primarily, the grant should be used to cover travelling costs in connection with education or knowledge exchange. It can also cover running expenses for bachelor or master theses, for instance for equipment, laboratory expenses or printing of reports.

The activity in question must be relevant in a Nordic setting and contribute to a common Nordic benefit within the fields mentioned above.

NordGen Forest and SNS are working to improve gender equality and social inclusion and our scholarship mirrors that.

These ones got the scholarship this time:
Jonas Andersson Sweden Eksamensarbeid om såing av tall/furu (Växjö)
Mai Lynn Duong Iceland Sitka spruce and suscebility to green spruce aphid – within provenance study – select for regeneration
Erlend Grande Norway To improve cultivation methods for spruce plans after transplanting
Håkon Husdal Norway To find how  quality parameters influence on establishment of spruce
Jon Hilmar Kristjansson Iceland Measure growth of native and alien trees planted 2002-2003, in mixed and monoculture
Cathrine Steffy Pater Denmark Study trip to exchange knowledge with researchers in Po & UK regeneration in spite of dense ungulate population
Robert Wetterskog Sweden Evaluate light conditions and SE plant development
Emiliano Zucca Sweden Effektivisere foryngrelsesplanlegging ved bruk av geodata og info fra avvirkning
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