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Arriving Rovaniemi a very late and very beautiful evening.

Day 1

First stop at the excursion, morning day one. Some of the trees are 300 years old.

At this time of the year it is mostly springtime in Rovaniemi. But the summerheat made almost all snow melt and shorts is suitable.

Our guide at LUKE’s research area, Risto Jalkanen. And the sun!

SNS researcher Raija Laiho.

Liisa Saarenmaa on the way to the research area of LUKE.

SNS board and guests first experience of LUKE’s research area. Some of the trees we saw are 300 years old.

Risto Jalkanen has a look at the stem wound on the spruce tree.

A tractor had to help us get back on the road.

Lichens on spruce.

Black spruce to the left, white to the right.

Lunch in the forest.

Liisa Saarenmaa, SNS board, Mats Hannertz, News & Views, and Dick Sandberg, WMSE, having lunch in LUKE’s research area in the forest 60 km outside Rovaniemi in northern Finland. Risto Jalkanen about to sit down.

The board had a nice walk through the forest and some saw a reindeer.

Fence for gathering reindeer.

Matti Komulainen, reindeer owner told the SNS board about reindeer husbandry.

Intense interest for the maps and functions of the computer.

The snow had melted fast this spring and were only to be found in the shadow of the forest.

Coffee time.

From the left: Valgerður Jónsdóttir, Iceland, Inger Sundheim Fløistad, Norway (NordGen Skog), Raija Laiho, Finland (researcher in SNS network), Adalsteinn Sigurgeirsson, Iceland) and Per Hansson, Sweden.

Very wet in the forest.

Secretay Jonas Rönnberg and NKJ general secretary Per Hansson at dinner at Ounasvaara, Royal Reindeer Restaurant.

Taneli Kolström.

SNS researcher Raija Laiho and Adalsteinn Sigurgeirsson.

SNS chairman Ivar Ekanger and glimpses of Liisa Saarenmaa and researcher Raija Laiho.

Closest to the camera is researcher Raija Laiho, Liisa Saarenmaa and Morten Ingerslev.


Day 2

The SNS board got the task to help the children at the Same daycare to place the birdhouse. Ivar accepted the challenge.

Ivar Ekanger found a good spot for the birdhouse.

Need some help.

Finally the birdhouse is placed at a stem, ready for eggs!

Timber terminal in Rovaniemi. For safety reasons we couldn’t walk around but had the opportunity to see it from the bus.

Magnificent view from the Pilke building.

From the right: Inger Sundheim Fløistad (NordGen Skog), Morten Ingerslev, Torfi Johannesson, Liisa Saarenmaa. Standing at the back: Dick Sandberg (WMSE).

Board meeting. From the left: Johan Wester, Valgerður Jónsdóttir, Lennart Ackzell.

Torfi Johannesson, senior adviser at Nordic Council of MInisters, argues.

Paus in the board meeting at Pilke, Forststyrelsens kontor in Rovaniemi.

Always present computer.

Liisa Saarenmaa.

Morten Ingerslev contributing to the debate.

Lennart Ackzell.

Adalsteinn Sigurgeirsson having a photo and Valgerður Jónsdóttir.

Secretary Jonas Rönnberg and Liisa Saarenmaa in intense talk.

Pasi Rautio (EFINORD).

KristiinaVuopala guides in the Pilke building.

To the left Per Hansson, NKJ, and Pasi Rautio (EFINORD).

Chairman Ivar Ekanger and secretary Jonas Rönnberg.

Pilke building.

From the left: Dick Sandberg (WMSE), Torfi Johannesson (senior advisor at NMR), Jonas Rönnberg (secretary at SNS), Johan Wester (senior advisor Skogsstyrelsen Sverige), Ivar Ekanger (chairman of SNS), Morten Ingerslev (University of Copenhagen), Per Hansson (NKJ), Mimmi Blomquist (secretary at SNS), KristiinaVuopala (Metsä), Adalsteinn Sigurgeirsson (Icelandic Forest Service), Inger Sundheim Fløistad (NordGen Skog), Lennart Ackzell (LRF Skogsägarna Sverige), Valgerður Jónsdóttir (Icelandic Forest Service). Laying: Liisa Saarenmaa (Counsellor at Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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