Very welcome guests at the board meeting in Rovaniemi

SNS summer board meeting was attended by researchers Raija Laiho and Karina Clemmensen.

People standing on a balcony. Photo.

SNS board members and guests in Pilkes building in Rovaniemi.

This year’s SNS summer meeting was held in Rovaniemi in northern Finland in really hot summer weather. The two visiting researchers told about their networks and research activities. Raija Laiho told about her CAR, Center of Advanced Research on Environmental Services from Nordic forest ecosystems, and Karina Clemmensen about her network North European Forest Mycologist (NEFOM). Thank you for your visit, it is very valuable for the board to gain a deeper insight into some of the activities in the SNS networks!


Normally we get that insight through the annual reporting. The board has reviewed all reporting and policy briefs for last year’s activities. The meeting discussed whether the changes made in this year’s reporting forms are fulfilling their purpose. It was decided that the networks do not need to report external funding more detailed than as a total sum.

SNS will in the coming year participate in a project under the Nordic Council of Ministers together with NKJ, which deals with carbon in arable land. In what way we will address the question is not clear, but plans will be made together with NKJ. SNS will also attend the IUFRO World Congress 2019.

Plans for new broschure

The climate brochure developed by SNS in cooperation with Mats Hannertz and Tomas Lundmark has got very positive respons. The SNS board decided to make a similar brochure regarding equality in the Nordic forest. Gender equality issues are important for the forestry and, moreover, a very much discussed question right now, so it seems to be a good idea to invest in that area.

Another important issue is our newsletters. With the new law GDPR we will need to have consent from each recipient of the newsletter. In order to facilitate the handling, storage of personal data and the handling of the newsletters, we will start using a tool for the matter. We will send all receivers of the newsletter a request and we hope that all our subscribers will take the time to respond so that you can follow what’s happening in SNS and in the Nordic forests!


See the photos from the SNS boardmeeting.

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