Matchmaking Day in photos

Large group of people sitting in groups at coference tables. Photo.

Energy in the room.

White board with yellow post-it's

Notes for dream projects.

Tuija Aaronen. Portrait.

Tuija Aaronen.

People listening to on-going lecture. Photo.

Jonas Rönnberg presented SNS and revealed some important things to remember when writing the application for SNS funding.


People listening to on-going presentation. Photo.

Camilla Widmark och Mona Bonta Bergman, EFINORD.

People sitting in groups at tables. Photo.

Participants helped each other to create their dream project.

Man in center of photo, white board with post-it's in the background. Photo.







Group discussions at conference tables. Photo.

New constellations can lead to new thoughts.

Four people sitting at conference table in classroom. Photo.


Class room with groups of five at different tables. Photo.

A room full of meetings.

People sitting at conference tables talking. Photo.

Participants helped each other to create their dream project.

Two men and a woman sitting at a conference table. Photo.

Closest to the camera: Jonas Rönnberg, secretary, SNS. Behind him: Per Hansson, general secretary, NKJ.

Three men sitting at a table, other people in the background. Photo.


People sitting at tables listening to on-going lecture. Photo.

Eva Hoff talks about creative networking.

Woman standing next to white board with post-it's. Photo.

Eva Hoff, creativity researcher, Lund University.

Classroom filled with people sitting at tables. Photo.

At the table closest to the camera: To the right: Jonas Rönnberg, secretary for SNS. To the left of Jonas: Ivar Ekanger, chairman for SNS.

People sitting in classroom. Photo.

Matchmaking day gathered about 40 researchers.

Classroom with people sitting in goups. Photo.

All participants got information about how to apply in a successful way for SNS and EFINORD funding.

Group of peoplse all looking at the same direction. Photo.

Six men sitting at table. Photo.



SNS and EFINORD Matchmaking Day: creative networking and valuable mingling


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