Matchmaking Day: creative networking and valuable mingling

The SNS and EFINORD Matchmaking Day was a success! We gathered old and new researchers who were given the opportunity to take a step forward in their research careers.

Group of people sitting at conference tables. Photo.

On May 8, young and more experienced researchers from research institutes and universities across the Nordic countries came to Alnarp to meet and develop their opportunities to network creatively and efficiently. The atmosphere throughout the day was focused and full of energy.

Especially the young researchers appreciated to meet the more experienced ones, to pave the way for new opportunities in the future. Informal mingling was a big part of the success of the day and future Matchmaking Days should also be characterized by a lot of time for meeting, talking and exchange experiences.

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Malin von Essen, who was the facilitator of the Matchmaking Day, also held a few workshops. The idea was that the participants would help each other to come closer to formulating and reaching their dream project in forest research. The workshops were appreciated and many thought they were really helpful.

Eva Hoff, creativity researcher from Lund University, told us what research has proven to be effective to create truly creative and successful networks. It is important to appreciate and make use of the different personalities in the group and to organize the work in an openminded and playful way.

Download Eva Hoff presentation (pptx)

Information about our funding opportunities

Both SNS and EFINORD presented themselves and their currently open announcements. We hope Matchmaking Day has contributed to the fact that more people will create networks in relevant areas and that we will be able to fund your networking activities!

See you!

We’ll be back with more info on upcoming Matchmaking Days in other places in the Nordic region! Thank you to all participants and contributors – you made the day valuable to us all!

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