SNS participates in COP23

Last week SNS headed to the UN Climate Change Conference, COP23, to attend the bioeconomy day at the Nordic Council of Ministers’ pavilion.

Forest with text "How are you today?". Illustration.

In short, bioeconomy is a widely used term for smart solutions to move away from a fossil-fuel driven economy to a resource efficient economy based on sustainability and increased use of renewable resources. Since trees are carbon sinks that absorb atmospheric carbon and use it for tree growth during photosynthesis, forests have a great potential to mitigate climate change. Not only do forests capture and store carbon in itself, when trees are harvested the biomass can be substituted for fossil fuels. This means that when forest biomass is used in for example construction, the steel or plastic industry, it opens up for the possibility to avoid using fossil fuels.


Room with bench and lamps. Photo.

The Nordic pavillion and its cod lamps – a waste product transformed into a 600 euro lamp! A brilliant example of bioeconomy

The bioeconomy day at the Nordic pavillion at COP23 was filled with inspiring talks, workshops and networking activities about how pressing environmental issues can be addressed in a Nordic setting across sectors such as forestry, agriculture and fishery.

During the day, we also got the pleasure of launching the new climate brochure about the climate benefits of Nordic forests, which has been produced by SNS in cooperation with Tomas Lundmark (SLU), Mats Hannerz (Silvinformation AB), Nordic Forest owners association (NSF) and the Nordic Council of Ministers.  Download the brochure at this website – The climate benefits of the Nordic forests

As representatives for forestry, SNS was invited to join a session called “Everything you always wanted to know about bioeconomy – speed date an expert”. The session was filled with enthusiastic conversations and the climate brochure was widely distributed.



Two men and a woman standing in front of multicolored posters. Photo.

Lennart Ackzell (Nordic Forest Owners Association), Mimmi Blomquist (SNS) and Torfi Jóhannesson (Nordic Council of Ministers) presenting the new climate brochure. Photo: Mia Smeds


Three men in suits talking. Photo.

The finance minister of the Philippines, Lennart Ackzell and the new forest and climate brochure. Photo: Mimmi Blomquist

Four men in suits sitting in a row, man in center is holding a microphone. Photo.

Discussions at the bioeconomy event in the Nordic pavillion. Photo: Mimmi Blomquist

Bench with promotion material on it. Photo.

Photo: Mimmi Blomquist

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