SNS board meeting: new strategy plan nailed

Two leaves lying on stone. Photo.SNS will work more for equality and social inclusion. That is the intention in the new strategy plan.


SNS board met in Stockholm October 31. Their first decision was to nail the strategy plan after a discussion about the equality goals that takes a bigger place in the new strategy compared to the previous one.

The strategy plan formulates three focus areas:

  • Meeting the demands of sustainable forest management in a growing bioeconomy.
  • Maintenance and increased utilisation of ecosystem services.
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Two decisions were made about financing of networks. Seven out of nine applications for the EFINORD-SNS networks was approved, and four of the five applications for the new SNS network Wood Science and Engineering. More information about the approved networks will come!

In 2018-2021 Norway has the chairmanship of SNS. The secretariat will remain in Alnarp for one year. Ivar Ekanger,  Landbruks- og matdepartementet, Norway, will be the next chairman.

Next summer SNS will engage in the Nordic Council of Ministers summer meeting to be more visible and participating at a higher level as with the engagement in the Ålesund seminar in the summer 2017.

SNS have produced a brochure about climate and the Nordic forests. The brochure will be distributed for the first time at the COP23 in Bonn in November. It will be available on our website.

During the autumn SNS has taken part in NordGen conference, IUFRO 125th Anniversary in Freiburg and Sumforests final conference and next stop is COP23 in Bonn.

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