Workshop: sustainable forest landscapes for energy and the bioeconomy

Dialogue on governance to develop sustainable forest landscapes for production of wood for energy and the bioeconomy

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October 12, 2021

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Inge Stupak: Introduction

Meelis Seedre: Introduction

Āris Jansons: Challenges of Hemiboreal forest management

Kristjan Tõnisson: Forest management and carbon stock development in Estonia

Guntars Šnepsts: Forest wood resources in Latvia and their forecasts under different forestry scenarios

Nerijus Kupstaitis: The European Green Deal and implications for Baltic forestry: the Lithuanian case

Irisa Mukāne: Mapping forest biodiversity in Latvia – the Nature Census project

Meelis Seedre: LULUCF targets by country

Ieva Saleniece: Optimising the governance and management of the Natura 2000 protected Areas Network in Latvia

Erik Buchwald: Implementation of decisions to set aside forests as unmanaged for biodiversity conservation in Denmark


Inge Stupak: Round off


October 13, 2021

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Inge Stupak: Introduction

Algis Gaizutis: Introduction

Liviu Nichiforel: Forest ownership structures in Europe and implications for uptake of forest and biomass certification systems

Roman Polyachenko: Sustainability requirements of the EU renewable energy directive (RED II) and incorporation into biomass and forest certification standards

Mikhel Jugaste: Managing and demonstrating sustainability as a wood pellet producer in the Baltics

Gerimantas Gaigala: Auditing experiences from biomass and forest certification in the Baltic countries – solutions and challenges

Mārcis Saklaurs: Sustainable private forestry in Latvia

Aidas Pivoriūnas: Development of FSC system among smallholders in the Baltic countries

Puneet Dwivedi: Family forest landowners in the Southern United States and their participation in sustainable biomass markets

Rolf Hogan: Defining sustainable forest residues – reflections on multi-stakeholder discussions to develop requirements for sustainability certification

Andris Vanags: Future energized today

Sune Balle-Hansen: Wood chips and pellet buyer perspectives on sustainability documentation for energy production outside the Baltic states

Aiga Grasmane: Biomass from private forest owners in Latvia


Inge Stupak and Algis Gaizutis: Round off


October 26, 2021

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Inge Stupak: Introduction

Niclas Scott Bentsen: Introduction

Viorel Blujdea: Forest bioenergy and carbon accounting in the European Union

Annikki Mäkelä: Modelling forest ecosystem carbon balance and forest growth

Ondrej Tarabus: Showing compliance with forest carbon and greenhouse gas emission criteria in certification standards

Carolyn Smyth: Climate change mitigation potential of bioenergy from studies in Canada

Niclas Scott Bentsen: Overview of panel discussion program

Lars Högbom: A new Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for life cycle analysis (LCA) for forest products in Sweden

Justin Tait: Forest carbon views from a biomass producer on current requirements and future developments

Richard Peberdy: Biomass Sustainability at Drax

Raimonds Kašs: The contribution of forests to achieve national climate targets of Latvia

Andis Lazdiņš: National inventory reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from forestry in Latvia


Inge Stupak. Wrap up of the day and introducing the session on 27 October


October 27, 2021

Link for each speaker: see agenda below

Find the slides here


Inge Stupak: Introduction to the workshop series and today’s program

Inge Stupak: The science-policy interface, with reflections on key messages to research from the three previous sessions

Āris Jansons: Welcome and introduction

Lauri A. Hetemäki: Sustainable forest bioeconomy – future research needs to support policies including the EU Green Deal”. Including discussion and Q&A

Iveta Varnegyrite-Kabasinskiene, Diana Lukmine, Andis Lazdins, Dagnija Lazdina, Kristi Nigul: Sustainable forest management and bioenergy – research in the Baltic states to answer questions raised in the previous days

David Morris, C. Tattersall Smith, Puneet Dwivedi: Forest research to underpin governance of sustainable bioenergy in North America

Helja-Sisko Helmisaari, Nicholas Clarke, Lars Högbom, Inge Stupak: Sustainable forest management for bioenergy and the bioeconomy in the Nordic countries – research to underpin forest-related policies

Helja-Sisko Helmisaari: Overview and comparison of best management practices for forest biomass harvesting in Europe and North America


Inge Stupak: Round off


Virtual field tours

Virtual field tours



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