Wood interior: Health impact and indoor air using wood interior


Ivy climbing on white wall. Photo.
 Ove Staubo Munthe-Kaas, Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology, omk@treteknisk.no

Financing: 120 000 SEK

The Wood interior network will connect and strengthen the best researchers in the Nordic countries on health impact and indoor environment with the use of wooden interior.

This network will make it possible for the Nordic countries to have a well-coordinated influence on European level regarding political decisions and standardisation work. Information to end-users, entrepreneurs, architects and private and public builders will be coordinated in the Nordic countries. 

An open workshop on the topic will be held at the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology, where young researchers, students, builders, entrepreneurs etc will be invited. A research application will be sent to Forest Value Net during the period.


Welcome to the Nordic seminar on health effects using wood

Program for the conference – Wood and Health

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