Welcome to the Nordic seminar on health effects using wood

Welcome to the Nordic seminar on health effects using wood: November 28 in Oslo!

People have used trees for constructions since the beginning of times. Wood is a natural building material and it is believed that it gives positive health effects to build with wood and have tree exposed in the interior. But it isn’t enough to just believe. November 28, some of the best researchers in- and outside the Nordic region will come to Oslo to present their findings. The theme is particularly relevant in connection with hospital and school developments.

A new test standard for indoor construction products has been developed, EN 16516: “Construction products: Assessment of emissions into indoor air”. Future use and consequences of this standard will be presented.

Furthermore, the following topics will be highlighted:

  • Psychological effects when using wood
  • Design and health
  • VOC from wood and indoor environment
  • Use of wood for indoor climate control
  • Health for construction workers at work

Seminar program (PDF)

The seminar is ideal for teachers, architects, contractors, builders, orderers and others who want to know more about how wood affects indoor and health.

Time: 9:30-16:00, 28 november, 2018
Location: Christiania Qvartalet Meeting Center in Oslo
Directions to Christiania Qvartalet Møtesenter (PDF)
Participant fee NOK: 500:-
Registration to: firmapost@treteknisk.no

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