Nordic Network on Forest Policy Science

Coordinator: Jens Friis Lund, jens@ifro.ku.dk

Financing: 125 000 SEK

The Nordic Network on Forest Policy (NorNetFoP) has existed since 2010 with the triple aim of bringing together scientists dealing with forest policy issues from a social scientific perspective, internationalizing the Scandinavian perspective on forest policy science, and supporting young scholars in this research area.
The network has organized conferences over the past decade including in collaboration with related European and international networks of Forest Policy Science resulting in joint conferences in Göttingen (Germany) and in Wageningen (Netherlands).
To continue the collaboration and making of connections within the network an online conference is planned for March 17-18, 2021.
The conference will create an online forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on to-date research in the area of forest policy. Traditional presentations about forest policy research are complemented by the formats of 3-minutes-thesis presentations. The program is completed by a key note presentation and different forms of online interaction.

More information about the conference

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