Advancing the dialogue on pathways towards sustainable development for forest landscapes: research, monitoring and governance

Inge Stupak, University of Copenhagen, ism@ign.ku.dk


Montage with forest and cut wood. Photo.

Online workshop with virtual field tours
in Northern and Eastern Europe and North America

12, 13, 26 and 27 October 2021

Dialogue on governance to develop sustainable forest landscapes for production of wood for energy and the bioeconomy

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Virtual fieldtours

Session 1, Oct 12: Sustainable forest management and bioenergy in the Baltic states

Session 2, Oct 13: Verification of compliance with sustainability requirements for forest bioenergy

Session 3, Oct 26: How to calculate and model where and when forest bioenergy can help to save carbon emissions?

Session 4, Oct 27: Research to underpin future policies related to sustainable forest management and wood end-uses


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This workshop will give you the opportunity to join virtual field tours in the Nordic and Baltic countries and in North America.

Based on the tours and presentations by various experts, supply chain actors and stakeholders, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges to managing forests in a sustainable manner and documenting it to international markets for sustainable products. We will explore various types of governance systems, and their usefulness and feasibility for different types of forest owners and actors in the forest-based supply chains.

The workshop will also introduce you to forest carbon modelling to gain an improved understanding of the different approaches and the challenges related to quantifying forest carbon balances and climate change impacts of various forest management systems and wood uses.

We hope that each participant will benefit from the knowledge, experiences and insights provided by the field tours, speakers, discussion panelists, and the other participants.

The goal of this workshop is to engage stakeholders and bring them together to discuss the benefits and challenges to governing sustainability within a forest management context, with particular emphasis on forest bioenergy. This includes the calculation and modeling of forest carbon and climate change impacts.

Geographic focus will be on boreal and temperate forests in Northern and Eastern Europe, and North America.

Intended audience:
A cross-section of forest sector and society involved with and concerned about the governance and documentation of sustainable forest bioenergy and bioeconomy supply chains, for example, forest landowners, wood pellet companies, wood chip producers, traders, private, state and federal foresters, forest industry, bioenergy utilities, state conservation organizations, public and private providers of relevant data for verification, academia, NGOs, staff of forestry certification systems and certification bodies, consultants, policy makers, and the general public.

Online via Zoom.

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