Forest related Life Cycle Assessment Network


Coordinator: Dimitris Athanassiadis, SLU, dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se



The Forest related Life Cycle Assessment Network

The Forest related Life Cycle Assessment Network provides a forum in which organizations, universities and companies can share their experiences on working with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with a focus on forest biomass and products.


LCA is an established methodology for calculating the environmental impact of products and processes. The pressure on forest biomass for using it for different products (e.g. advanced biofuels, construction material) has increased which leads to a debate on the availability and scarcity of forest biomass and also on the potential effects of increased biomass harvesting on the development of the forest and also its use for recreation purposes.


The aims of the network are:

  • Discuss research outcomes within the area of LCA and its development
  • Discuss methodological aspects in LCA: Cascading use of forest biomass, impacts of system boundaries and allocation methods, forest as a carbon sink or source, LCA database development related to forest biomass supply chain, Integration of LCA with GIS for better show the spatial effects of e.g. bioenergy systems
  • Share data among the network on processes that are difficult to find good data in the existing databases
  • Form a research consortium that will apply for European Union projects in the new Horizon Europe program


The network has been initiated by four universities (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, University College Dublin), one research institute (Natural Resources Institute Finland) and one NGO (Green Liberty Latvia) that all work in the area of LCA and forestry. The network meetings are open to other organizations as well.

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