Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics (SSFE)


Coordinator: Teppo Hujala, University of Eastern Finland, teppo.hujala@uef.fi



Birch close-up stem and view of more birch stems further away. Photo.The Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics (SSFE) was established in 1958 with aims to:

  • Promote co-operation among forest economists in the Nordic countries
  • Promote planning and accomplishment of common Nordic research in forest economics and closely related areas
  • Promote co-operation on common Nordic actions for higher education in forest economics and closely related areas

Goals for 2020 are to:

  • strengthen Nordic knowledge exchange and networking (among countries on one hand and among research, policy and practice on the other) in economics of sustainable forest management as well as economics of forests in climate change and ecosystem services;
  • strengthen Nordic-Baltic connections in forest economics research and involvement of researchers from other parts of the world where forest economics research is prominent (e.g., USA, Germany) to ensure external input and ease impact of the SSFE; and
  • thematically cross-pollinate existing SSFE working groups with IUFRO unit 5.10.00 Forest products marketing and business management


Main actions of SSFE in 2020 are:

Organizing the SSFE Biennial Meeting 2020 in May 2020 in Asikkala, Finland with a pre-conference workshop arranged in collaboration with SNS-funded NOFOBE-CAR and a joint conference afternoon with IUFRO 5.10.00 Unit Forest Products Marketing and Business Management (see SSFE Biennial Meeting 2020 announcement at https://www.ssfe-network.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/SSFE2020-Announcement.pdf
Partnering with and assisting NOFOBE-CAR to plan and organise NOFOBE final seminar in the fall of 2020
Publishing contributions from the SSFE 2020 Biennial Meeting in Scandinavian Forest Economics volume, followed by selected papers from the Biennial Meeting worked further and published in Journal of Forest Economics and/or BioProducts Business in 2021
SSFE particularly welcomes registered PhD students of Nordic and Baltic universities to attend the SSFE2020 Biennial Meeting. SSFE continues its tradition to offer opportunities to young scientists and doctoral students to network in an encouraging atmosphere. The organizers promote gender equality within the network and therefore encourage both female and male researchers to submit abstracts and consider attending the meeting. Young researchers and PhD students, both male and female, will also be integrated in the network activities via giving them responsibilities e.g., as session moderators in the Biennial Meeting. Furthermore, the Best PhD student presentation will be awarded in the Biennial Meeting.


Visit our website ssfe-network.org for more information

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