Nordic growth and yield researchers network

Coordinator: Saija Huuskonen, Luke, Saija.huuskonen@luke.fi
Financing: 200 000 SEK

Green forest. Photo. Photos from Heikinheimo slash and burn area at year 1918 (middle) and two plots of experiment at years 1954 and 2018. Photos: Luke’s photo archive


Saija Huuskonen about Nordic cooperation:


In 2019 Nordic growth and yield researchers network will organize a conference in Finland 11th to 13th of June with theme: Forest management for the future in Nordic and Baltic forests – Long-term experiments answering to today’s questions.

Register before 1st of May! (Registration is no longer available)

The conference will focus on the value, maintenance, and more efficient use of the data from long-term forest experiments. Plenty of valuable long-term experiments exist in the Nordic and Baltic network countries. Many of them are internationally recognized and unique experimental forest stands with long monitoring history, even more than a hundred years. These “real gems” and their potential for the future research are indeed worth of discussion.

In general, the conference will be an important platform for G&Y researchers to meet and to discuss scientific questions, to share research-based knowledge, to build networks, and to work out ideas for research approaches, applications and projects. In this conference the main topic is related to utilization of long-term forest experiments. During the conference, the current status of forest G&Y research in each country will be presented and discussed. Together with modelling and decision support tools, new ways to utilize the long-term experiments, innovative measurement techniques, and data management, will be presented and discussed.

In addition to indoor presentations the essential part of this conference will be field excursions to experiments with outdoor presentations.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from Nordic and Baltic countries, present and discuss about recent research results, and plan new joint projects and activities within growth and yield research! We especially encourage PhD-students and young researchers to participate conference.

Program outline

  • June 11th. We meet at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport at 11:30 a.m., from where we travel by bus to a long-term forest experiment at Vierumäki (arrival at 13.00).  Then we proceed to Vierumäki Resort Hotel to continue the conference with indoor presentations from 15:00 to 18:00.
  • June 12th. All-day field excursion to Vesijako research forest area with outdoor presentations and discussions.
  • June 13th. Indoor presentations and conference closure from 8:00 to 12:00. The bus leaves to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport at 13.30 and arrive at 15:00.


Grants and reimbursement

We have received a grant from SNS-Efinord covering travels in Finland, meals and accommodation for ca. 30 participants. Furthermore, we reimburse all the travel expenses for up to 6 PhD-students. 


We encourage all the participants to give either an oral presentation, or prepare a poster. Especially, we urge early career researchers (PhD-students and young researchers) to actively participate to the conference and give oral presentations. The length of an oral presentation can be either 15 min (ordinary) or 5 min (short).

If you are interested in giving an oral or poster presentation, please send the title, a short abstract and desired length of your oral presentation before 1st of May 2019. In registration, inform the title and preferred presentation form and send the abstract.  

We need a registration and title and abstract of presentations before 1st of May.

More information and registration here (Registration is no longer available)


Annual report 2019 (PDF)


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