Centre of Advanced Research on Environmental Services from Nordic forest ecosystems

Coordinator: Professor Raija Laiho, Natural Resource Institute, Finland,
Funding: 450 000 SEK/year for 5 years
Duration: 2016–2020

Final report

This CAR retains essentially the same partners and organisation as in the previous 5-year-period. The main aim will be to provide appropriate knowledge in order to make informed decisions about forest management with respect to its impact on major environmental services: carbon sequestration, water quality, biodiversity and soil quality. The previous CAR focused on the three former services. The addition of studies relating to soil quality is motivated by the increased extraction of bioenergy from forests, which may affect the long-term sustainability of soils.

CAR-ES will make use of the large number of field experiments conducted within the Nordic countries to deliver mutual benefit, and will integrate knowledge about environmental services at a broad scale. This could relate, for example, to a full rotation period or a landscape. The approach will be based on new mathematical models and decision support tools for up-scaling.

Find out more on the CAR-ES website.

Fact sheets summarizing CAR-ES work and results:

1 Centre of Advanced Research – Environmental Services (CAR-ES)
2 Effects of intensive biomass harvesting on soil organic carbon and nutrients
3 How much carbon is sequestered in soil after afforestation of agricultural land in Northern Europe?
4 Forests and waters in the Nordic-Baltic region—highlights from the CAR-ES network
5 CAR-ES Key to soil quality: texture and mineralogy
6 Sustainability governance for bioenergy and the wider bioeconomy


Annual reports

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