About CAR-ES

CAR-ES (Centre of Advanced Research on Environmental Services from Nordic Forest Ecosystems) is an open network funded under the Nordic Council of Ministers that brings together Nordic and Baltic forest researchers.

The overall aim of CAR-ES is to provide the best knowledge for informed decision-making on forest management concerning continued provision of environmental services (ES) in the Nordic-Baltic area. We aim to reach this objective through strengthened collaboration between Nordic and Baltic forest research­ers and stakeholders working on sustainable forestry and the ES from forests.

More specifically, CAR-ES will, during the period 2016-2020,

  • Analyze how different forest management operations and strategies influence the supply of ES
  • Analyse how ES can be sustained at different forest management intensities
  • Analyse how ES change, and the potential to enhance them, following land-use changes involving forest and other land uses
  • Analyse the status and interactions of ES under changing climatic conditions
  • Evaluate different ES simultaneously at different temporal and spatial scales and taking into account different forest management intensities
  • Develop communication and decision tools for taking into account the ES in forest policy and manage­ment

The operational aims for the networking are to:

  • Provide a platform for interdisciplinary communication in Nordic and Baltic countries
  • Integrate and share knowledge on ES
  • Coordinate research, i.e. reduce overlap, improve the comparability of complementary national research, and contribute to national research agenda
  • Share scientific tools, methodologies and data
  • Identify hot issues requiring urgent scientific response, and initiate new research projects at the Nor­dic-Baltic scale, and/or at the European scale with a strong Nordic-Baltic component

We will focus on four ES: carbon (C) sequestration, functional biodiversity, water quality and soil quality, the work on which is largely channelled through three Vertical Activities (VA 1-3):