New networks for the benefit of Nordic forestry

Networking across the national borders in the Nordic region is a main objective of SNS. SNS recently funded several new networks for forest researchers for the coming year.


These are the newly funded activities taking place during 2022:

The network will interconnect Nordic researchers on polyploid trees and clarify the role of polyploidy in the adaptation to climate change.

Cooperation among Nordic and Baltic forest economists.

Optimize resources spent on, and coordinating, research projects within wood science and engineering.

Stronger together – facilitating efforts in birch breeding in the Baltic Sea region
Workshop on birch breeding in Europe and connected collaborations.

Ecological restoration methods for sustainable forest use
Form a core group of researchers to develop applications for forest restoration research projects and map the interest and needs with regards to forest restoration.

Synthesize existing, and develop new, research into potential climatic induced changes in the ungulate browsing regime and the consequences for sustainability and adaptation of the forestry sector.

Biochar in forestry
Arrange a workshop where researchers, practitioners and producers can discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences on the topic of biochar in forestry.


SNS is looking forward to see the results of the work in these new networks!

Do you know someone interested?

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