Call opens soon: CAR becomes NordForNet

SNS’s long-term network concept CAR will get a new name: NordForNet (Nordic Forest Research Network). The call for forest researchers projects running for five years will open soon, in a slightly modernized version.


In order for SNS to contribute as effectively as possible to Nordic forest research, we have had an external body reviewing the concept we have until now called CAR, Center of Advanced Research. After the review, the board decided to continue funding research networks for five-year periods as before, but under a new name and with certain modifications.

Accurately formulated knowledge for practical use

The biggest news, apart from the name that in the future will be NordForNet, Nordic Forest Research Network, is that SNS will develop new call areas with the aim of dealing with interdisciplinary societal challenges and creating a balance between different goal conflicts in relation to forestry. This is to achieve a strong policy connection. We will be able to go directly from the network with new, precisely formulated knowledge as a recommendation for decision-making and policy-making. The networks must clearly formulate their question and deliver results based on this.

Next call: May 3rd

SNS will open a call for NordForNets on 3 May this year. Those who are then granted funding will be offered a kick-off meeting where the co-ordinators can exchange experiences, but also receive training in parts that they find difficult in the network work. Questions that may be relevant may be: How to maintain an effective network? How to evaluate? How to set up communication?

Another issue that can be raised at a kick-off meeting is gender equality. How to make a network equal, not just in numbers? At the time of writing, SNS is producing a guide that makes it easier for the networks to take the issue to the next level and creates better conditions for the issue to be kept alive throughout the network period and not just at the time of application.

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