SNS board is getting younger

SNS is now officially younger! We are all set to present the youth member in the SNS board: Mikal Råheim.


We want to have a younger perspective on the Nordic forests. We want our decisions to be up to date and modern and fit for the future. Therefore we need members of different age in our board. We lacked young people, so we decided to do something about it.

To make it happen we had to change our statues and get them approved by the Nordic ministers, but now that our statutes have been properly changed it is possible for us to engage a youth member. The first one to give us the younger perspective is Mikal Råheim from Norway, studying forestry at master level at NMBU. The youth member will be designated by the land holding the chairmanship of SNS at the moment, and with regard to gender equality.

Do you know someone interested?

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