Nordic wood science mobilizes

The Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering had their 15th annual meeting at Lund University, Lund, Sweden, October 9-10 2019.


Poster with headline "State of the art for waste wood in Finland". Photo.

In this meeting there was also a postersession with several posters (JPG)

The meeting was a great success in terms of bringing Nordic scientists in wood technology together thus making it possible for collaboration and awareness of each other’s work. The meeting had almost 100 participants from Northern Europe and further some invited guests outside of the area.

Over the two days, over 40 presentations were made and 20 posters were presented. See the video abstracts below!

The Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering encourage students to participate in the activities and we had a lot of students present this time. The day before the conference, a full day PhD course on “Measuring moisture related properties of wood” was held, attracting almost 30 motivated students from across the northern European region. Thank you for coming and sharing with us!

Text: Erik Larnøy


Have you seen a real wooden bike? And how far can the wooden plate be bent before cracking? 

Watch the video abstracts!


Swedish Wood sponsored the two student awards:

Best poster: Werner Berlin, TU Braunschweig, 300 Euro
Best presentation: Sophie Füchtner, University of Copenhagen, 500 Euro

Invitation WSE 2019-meeting

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