Sweden in Curitiba: the groundwork for Stockholm 2024 is laid

The Swedish booth at curitiba was well visited and a lot was going on. SNS and the other partners gave a glimpse of what IUFRO 2024 will be like.


The blue and yellow Swedish booth #1 was hard to miss at the IUFRO world congress in Curitiba, Brazil, September 29th-October 5th. SNS, SLU and the other partners showed off the coming host and the Nordic forestry model.


Speakers corner

Speakers corner got a lot of attention because of the frequent activities going on there. Speakers corner where visited by a broad variety of people whom could share different views on forestry. Johanna Witzell, editor for the SNS funded Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, and Björn Merkell, International Coordinator, Swedish Forest Agency, are two of many examples that interested the audience.


Side event

SNS, through mats Hannerz at Silvinformation, arranged a side event during the world congress. The titel was “Forest and society towards 2050 – a dilemma for the Nordic model””. Jan Heino from SIFI gave both an introduction and a summary of the debate of the international panel. In the panel we found Ms Chen Yujie, Deputy Director, Division of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Dr Daniel A Ofori, Member Governing Council, African Forest Forum, AFF, Prof Luiz Carlos Estraviz Rodriguez, University of Sao Paulo, Mr Knut Øistad, Senior Advisor, Think Tank for International Forestry Issues, SIFI, and Therese Nyberg, Forest student union, SLU International Forestry Students Association, IFSA.

The side event meant to show off the Nordic forestry modell and to start off the theme for the IUFRO world congress in Stockholm 2024.

Summary – Side event at IUFRO World Congress 2 October 2019 (PDF)


Komatsu harvester simulator

In the booth there was a simulator in which interested could take the chance to get the experience of driving a harvester. Many were interested in the new technology and what it could do!


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