We are writing the north European story of forestry

North European forestry needs to be promoted, since forests is a major part in many rural North European areas – which is not the case in the rest of Europe. We need to formulate our identity.


Group of people sitting in a conference room. Photo.

From the left: Andis Lazdiņš, Diana Lukmine, Iveta Varnagiryte-Kabasinskiene, Pasi Rautio, Knut Øistad, Endis Baders, Mika Mustonen, Teppo Ojala, Kristjan Tõnisson, Anneli Poska. Behind the pillar: Daiga Zute and Kalev Jõgiste. Photo: Kalev Jõgiste

Forest and forestry constitute an important part of the economy in most of the Baltic and Nordic countries, not least in rural, usually forested areas. Further, in these countries forestry constitutes a cornerstone for the present biobased industry as well as in the envisaged biobased economy.

This is often in contrast to the situation in other regions of Europe and therefore a region-specific view on forest and forestry needs to be promoted.

Prepared for a seminar

Seventeen Nordic-Baltic researchers and stakeholders met 6-7/5 in Tallinn to shape the story of North-European forest. The work done in the workshop will form the ground for common topics and views to be promoted in a seminar taking place in the end of the year in Brussels, targeted to EU actors and stakeholders.

SNS among the organizers

Man in a suit holding a paper pad and a pen. Photo.

Moderator Kristjan Tõnisson, Stat Forest Management Centre (RMK). Photo: Kalev Jõgiste

The workshop was organized by PROFOR (Promoting forestry) and Fordisman networks. Also SNS CAR–networks, CAR ES and NB Forest, were represented. One important aim of the event was to meet between different research disciplines to elaborate a regional, north European story of forestry. 

The keynote speaker in the event was Toomas Kams from HD Forest company, and moderator Kristjan Tõnisson from Estonian State Forest Management Centre.

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