SNS network goes for European application

One step towards better biomass utilization was taken in Ås February 15-16 when a SNS network gathered researchers to exchange knowledge, ideas and plan or the future.




The SNS Wood Science and Technology network focusing on decay mechanisms (W2018-01 Better biomass utilisation by improved understanding of decay mechanisms in wood) held a successful 2-day meeting at NIBIO, Ås 15-16 February 2018.

The first day of the meeting was a regional coordination meeting between research institutions in Southern Scandinavia. Several overlapping research areas and common interests were identified via presentations and multiple brainstorming sessions and ideas for future common projects were discussed.

Day two was a kick off meeting for the writing of an application for a new European network and included participants from other parts of Europe also. A tentative structure for the possible network and a time plan for the continuation of the work up to the deadline in the beginning of December was agreed upon.

More about the network and a coming PhD course here!

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