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Are you interested in the latest developments of the forest policy research across Europe? Take the chance to meet Nordic, Baltic and Central European forest policy scientists.

Scenic view of clear lake. Photo.The second International Forest Policy Meeting (2IFPM) will take place in April 11-13, 2018 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The conference is organized in collaboration between the SNS-EFINORD network Nordic Network in Forest Policy Science and forest policy scientists in the central Europe.

Coordinate research

The conference will create European synergies within forest research and connect the Nordic, Baltic and North Atlantic research communities and also contribute to bridging the gap between science and practice.

The conference will offer parallel sessions with presentations and specifically assigned discussants as well as an excursion to a locality where there is an ongoing land-use conflict to represent a complex case of policy use. That will be discussed from perspectives of forest policy science. A workshop will be held on European collaborative projects.

Pre-conference for PhD:s/postdocs

SNS underlines the importance to give younger researchers the chance to a good academic network in the start of their careers. As pre-conference initiative to the 2IFPM, a PhD/Postdoc master class on environmental governance and practice theory will be organized, with good opportunities for younger researchers to connect to senior ones. The aim is to teach and discuss the relevance of practice theory and practice-based approaches for the study of environmental governance. Several scholars will address keynotes and there will be hands-on classes on how to use and apply practice theory and practice-based approaches. For more information about the masterclass, email

There is still a chance to submit an abstract for papers and posters! The deadline is extended to December 22, 2017.

Register before February 1, 2018.

Download ForestPolicy Meeting Registration Form (docx)

For more information visit the website Second International Forest Policy Meeting or email


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