Nordic Co-operation Group for Forest Inventory


Snowy forest seen from above. Photo. Coordinator: Thomas Nord-Larsen, University of Copenhagen, tnl@ign.ku.dk

Financing: 213 590 SEK

The overall aim is to maintain relationships and cooperation between scientists working in the field of forest inventory and planning in the Nordic countries.

All Nordic countries face substantial challenges in determining future forest resource use and the effect on climate gas emissions as well as determining reference levels used in relation to climate gas reporting.

The goal of the conference is to discuss approaches to simulation of future forest resource availability based on National Forest Inventory data and how such simulations may be used for the assessment of the role of forests in climate change mitigation.

A network meeting in Denmark, held back-to-back with the annual meeting of the CARISMA network. By planning the two meetings back-to-back we aim to attract specialists in NFI’s, forest inventory and planning, and remote sensing to generate synergies regarding resource assessments now and in the future.

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