Centre of Advanced Research for the innovative use of 3D remote sensing in mapping of forest and landscape attributes based on national forest inventories

Coordinator: Dr. Johannes Breidenbach, Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO),

Financing: 350 000 SEK/year for 5 years

Duration: 2016–2020


This is what we will do:

Several ongoing and interacting developments cause considerable challenges to our societies in general and to the forest sector specifically.

  • Climate change requires mitigation and forest adaptation strategies that need to be implemented locally.
  • The foreseeable end of non-renewable resources results in the need to generate future wealth based on the sustainable use of natural resources in a bioeconomy.
  • Globalization constantly forces private companies and the public administration to become more efficient to remain competitive in order to provide work to people.

Because of long planning horizons associated with forest management in the Nordic region, sub-optimal decisions can lead to considerable distortions in the future. Precise information across geographic scales is therefore a key element to reduce the risks involved with decisions in planning processes. National Forest Inventories (NFI) provide precise information on forest and landscape resources on large scales. In reaction of the challenges described above, the NFI teams in the Nordic countries invest considerable research funds in order to not only answer questions of  how much on national scales but also to  where”  forest and tree resources are on local scales. The combination of NFI field data with 3D remote sensing data is a key technology in this respect.

Aim of this CAR is to provide a common platform to streamline research activities in the involved countries by the exchange of researchers on conferences, workshops, or scientific missions. The collaboration is also expected to result in joint project proposals to increase the available research funds in the scope of CARISMA.

Find out more at the CARISMA website.

Final report

Annual report 2019 (PDF)

Annual report 2018 (PDF)

Annual report 2017 (PDF)

Annual report 2016 (PDF)

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