Anniversary call: these are the new research networks

This year SNS turns 50. 1972 SNS was established as a cooperating body to the Nordic Council of Ministers, in the forest sector. One of our main tasks has, since then, been to support and finance research networks and projects. Therefore, we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with an extra call.


These are the beneficiaries:
• Advancing Silvicultural Technology, Dan Bergström, SLU
• ForestFun, Mika Bendiksby, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo
• Longterm deadwood trends in Fennoscandia, Ken Olaf Storaunet, NIBIO
• Synthesis of continuous cover forestry in boreal Nordic countries, Johanna Routa, LUKE
• Joining Nordic forces for more birch, Michelle Cleary, SLU
• Inventory data to analyse spatio-temporal drivers of Nordic forests, Hanne K. Sjølie, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

With this call, SNS wanted to look toward the future, using knowledge gained through the past 50 years to provide a better scientific basis for a constructive dialogue about future forestry.

The overall focus of the call was resource management and biodiversity in Nordic forests, with emphasis on the development of Nordic forests and the interaction between resource management and biodiversity. Looking forward, how can we use the knowledge provided by research during the past 50 years to ensure productive forest ecosystems for the future? What have we learned during the past decades, and which knowledge gaps are still present or have emerged in recent years?

The aim of the call is to promote collaboration and strengthen forest research across the Nordic region. The grant will contribute to a better knowledge platform on which to discuss perspectives of future forestry in the Nordic region.

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