Invitation to grand finale: BioEquality

Welcome to the grand finale and final project meeting for BioEquality (The Digital Bioeconomy – a method handbook for gender equality in the Nordic bioeconomy)!
SNS and NKJ have worked together in this project to gather tools for a more gender equal bioeconomy sector in the Nordic countries. The result is now ready for use: a method handbook.
The method handbook that will be presented contains a combination of podcasts, videos, literature recommendations and further educational material that are to be used by educators at Nordic universities teaching bioeconomy related courses.
General information about the project, including the report that was produced within work package 1, can be found here.

Grand finale:

When: Friday 28th of January, 10.00 am – 12.00 am CET
Meeting ID: 890 3651 6411
Passcode: 494213
Welcome to Bioequality                
  • Project owner Nordic Forest Research and project manager Maria Tunberg welcome everyone and present the events leading up to this meeting
Gender equality in the digital bioeconomy – why caring?
  • Project participants share their reasons for participating, including teachers, students and the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Paula Lehtomäki
  • Keynote speaker Pernilla Alexandersson from Add Gender paints the picture of where we are heading and what this type of change could ultimately lead to

Short break

Gender equality in the digital bioeconomy – what do we know?
  • The literature review Redefining digital bioeconomy is presented by the authors
Gender equality in the digital bioeconomy – what have we done?
  • The method handbook and its components are presented by one of the creators
Gender equality in the digital bioeconomy – what’s next?
  • Project owner Nordic Forest Research, project financer NIKK and project manager Maria Tunberg share reflections on what has been done and what is next on the horizon after this project
  • Time to mingle around freely in a virtual meeting room

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